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NSV or nSv may refer to:

  • National Socialist Vanguard Neo-Nazi group based in Oregon
  • Nationalistische StudentenVereniging, the Flemish Nationalist Students' union
  • Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt The Nazi People's Welfare Organization
  • NSV machine gun, a 12.7 mm caliber heavy machine gun of Soviet origin
  • Nullsoft Streaming Video, a streaming video format
  • Non-Specific Vaginitis (now termed bacterial vaginosis)
  • The New Catalogue of Suspected Variable Stars
  • A nanosievert
  • Net Sales Value, a term in accounting
  • Net Standard Volume, Volume of a petroleum product corrected for temperature, density, gravity or pressure
  • Newton–Størmer–Verlet
  • Non-Scale Victory, weight loss and fitness terminology
  • Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver, a municipal electoral organization in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Non-Scalpel Vasectomy