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NSMB (mathematics)

NSMB is a computer system for solving Navier–Stokes equations using the finite volume method. It supports meshes built of several blocks (multi-blocks) and supports parallelisation. The name stands for "Navier–Stokes multi-block". It was developed by a consortium of European scientific institutions and companies, between 1992 and 2003.


NSMB may refer to:

  • NSMB (mathematics), a Navier-Stokes finite volume solver
  • Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, an academic journal
  • New Super Mario Bros., a video game for the Nintendo DS
    • New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a sequel for the Wii
    • New Super Mario Bros. U, a video game for the Wii U (formerly a tech demo named New Super Mario Bros. Mii)
    • New Super Mario Bros. 2, a direct sequel for the Nintendo 3DS