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NRJ (NRJ is an acronym read as énergie in French, pronounced ) is a private French radio station created by Jean-Paul Baudecroux and Max Guazzini in June 1981 and belongs to the NRJ Group. It is the founding station of NRJ International.

NRJ (disambiguation)

NRJ may refer to:

  • In French, NRJ is usually pronounced as energy.
  • NRJ Group, a French multimedia group based in Paris. Owner of NRJ.
    • NRJ, a popular French radio station, which also broadcasts internationally.
    • NRJ 12, a French TV channel.
    • NRJ International, an international franchise of the NRJ radio station.
    • NRJ Music Awards, a talent show created by TF1 and NRJ, they give out awards to popular musicians by different categories.
    • NRJ (Belgium), the Belgian version of the French radio station.
    • NRJ (Germany), the German version of the French radio station, where it broadcasts as Energy.
    • NRJ (Québec), the Québec version of NRJ, a radio station in France.
    • NRJ Russia, the Russian version of NRJ.
    • Energy TV(NRJ TV), a Swiss German-language music TV channel.
  • NRJ Investment Group, a financial services company in Illinois which specializes in mortgage investments.
  • NRJ Sales Inc., an electric equipment manufacturer company in Pennsylvania.
  • NRJ TV LLC, company which provides television broadcasting services in Texas.
  • NRG Energy, an American energy company headquartered in New Jersey.
NRJ (Belgium)

NRJ Belgique is a private Belgian radio station broadcasting in Wallonia and Brussels, and is the Belgian version of the popular French radio station NRJ.

NRJ (Lebanon)

NRJ Lebanon is a radio station founded in 1979 by Jyad (Jihad El Murr) which is also part of the RML Group. It was created along with the first private radio station in the Middle East RML. NRJ Lebanon has 2 main frequencies in Lebanon which are 99.1FM and 99.5FM. NRJ Lebanon targets young audience, trendy and up to date in music, NRJ programs are mainly in English with major British presenters, except for few live shows from NRJ France and some interviews made by NRJ France for international artists.