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NRG may refer to:

  • In various electronic music genres and band names, NRG is an abbreviation for energy
    • Hi-NRG, an early evolution of new-style disco
    • Hard NRG, a hard form of dance music
    • NU NRG, two Italian DJs
  • Nieuw Republikeins Genootschap, a Dutch republican society
  • NRG Energy, an energy company
  • NRG Engineering, a Singapore-based engineering consultancy
  • NRG (file format), a proprietary file format used by Nero Burning ROM
  • NRG (South Korean band), a South Korean musical group
  • nrg Maariv, the online edition of the Israeli newspaper Maariv
  • NRG Networks, a UK-based business networking organisation
  • NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood
  • NRG (American band), 1980s rock band features on the Transformers The Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • NRG (Danish band), 1980s post-punk rock band from Denmark
  • Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group, a research and consultancy firm, which in addition also is a major producer of radiopharmaceuticals in Europe
  • National Routeing Guide, a document defining the validity of UK rail tickets
  • NRG eSports, American professional League of Legends team
  • NRG (Canadian punk band)

NRG may also refer to:

  • Gestetner Group, which was formerly named NRG Group (N=Nashuatec, R=Rex Rotary, G=Gestetner)
NRG (South Korean band)

NRG is a South Korean boyband. Their name is an acronym for New Radiancy Group. Originally a five-member group, they became a three-member group when the leader Lee Sungjin left to pursue a career in acting and as an announcer and Chun Myung Hoon left to produce music. After the not so popular group of 3, the old members returned for the next fourth album, but after the death of Kim Hwan Sung in 2000 the group was down to 4 members. With the 4 members, they had a hit success on their 5th album and later 6th album but after the departure of Moon Sung Hoon in 2005, it had become a three-member group again, until their final promotions in 2006.

NRG (file format)

A .nrg file is a proprietary CD image file format used by Nero Burning ROM, a utility suite made by Nero AG, to create and burn CD images.

Other than Nero Burning ROM, a variety of software titles can use these image files. For example, Alcohol 120%, or Daemon Tools can mount NRG files onto virtual drives for reading.

Contrary to popular belief, .nrg files are not ISO images with .nrg extension and a header attached.

NRG (American band)

NRG was a 1980s rock band notable for being featured in The Transformers: The Movie.