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n. (archaic spelling of noise English)

Usage examples of "noyse".

Oppressed and laden with all these aforenamed frightes and terrors, I began to imagine that the Dragon was flying about my head, and with the noyse of hir scritching teeth and tearing clawes to take hould vpon me with hir deuouring iawes: my heart giuing mee to vnderstand, that the carniuorus Woolfe which I drempt of, was a presage of this my last doubted end.

Vppon which cause I merily thought to my selfe, that a man being alone in an vnknowne place and out of quiet, may easilie bee afrighted with such like strange noyses.

Issuing and sending foorth in diuers places small streames of water, pyppling and slyding downe vpon the Amber grauell in theyr crooking Channels heere and there, by some suddaine fall making a still continued noyse, to great pleasure moystning the open fieldes, and making the shadowed places vnder the leaffye Trees, coole and fresh.

For incontinent came the daughters of Nereus, singing with tunes melodiously : Portunus with his bristled and rough beard, Salita with her bosome full of fish, Palemon the driver of the Dolphine, the Trumpetters of Tryton, leaping hither and thither, and blowing with heavenly noyse : such was the company which followed Venus, marching towards the ocean sea.

And therewithall looking about for some cudgel, hee espied where lay a fagot of wood, and chusing out a crabbed truncheon of the biggest hee could finde, did never cease beating of mee poore wretch, until such time as by great noyse and rumbling, hee heard the doores of the house burst open, and the neighbours crying in most lamentable sort, which enforced him being stricken in feare, to fly his way.

Howbeit the wickednesse of these cursed women was nothing suppressed by the sweet noyse of these instruments, but they settled themselves to work their treasons against Psyches, demanding who was her husband, and of what Parentage.

But while I did thus unfold my sorrowes, and greatly bewail my fortune, behold I heard a great noyse and cry at the dore, and in came the Magistrates and officers, who commanded two sergeants to binde and leade me to prison.

First MOLOCH, horrid King besmear'd with blood Of human sacrifice, and parents tears, Though for the noyse of Drums and Timbrels loud Their childrens cries unheard, that past through fire To his grim Idol.

Anon ther is a noyse of peple bigonne For joye of this so loude and heighe withalle It semed that the lystes sholde falle.

As when that diuelish yron Engin wroughtIn deepest Hell, and framd by Furies skill,With windy Nitre and quick Sulphur fraught,And ramd with bullet round, ordaind to kill,Conceiueth fire, the heauens it doth fillWith thundring noyse, and all the ayre doth choke,That none can breath, nor see, nor heare at will,Through smouldry cloud of duskish stincking smoke,That th'onely breath him daunts, who hath escapt the stroke.

Not long after from behinde a mat that divided the house, was made the most dolefullest noyse he ever heard: then Powhatan more like a devill than a man with some two hundred more as blacke as himseffe, came unto him and told him now they were friends, and presently he should goe to James town, to send him two great gunnes, and a gryndstone, for which he would give him the country of Capahowojick, and for ever esteeme him as his sonn Nantaquoud.

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