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Noyes is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albertina Noyes (born 1949), American figure skater
  • Alfred Noyes (1880–1958), English poet
  • Arthur Amos Noyes (1866–1936), American chemist
  • Beppie Noyes (1919–2007), American author and illustrator
  • Blanche Noyes (1900–1981), American pioneering female aviator
  • Crosby Stuart Noyes (1825–1908), American newspaper publisher
  • Edward Noyes (c. 1858–1920) co-founder of Australian engineering company Noyes Brothers
  • Edward Follansbee Noyes (1832–1890), Republican politician from Ohio
  • Eliot Noyes (1910–1977), American architect and designer
  • Florence Fleming Noyes (1871–1928), American classical dancer
  • Frances Noyes Hart (1890–1943), American writer
  • Frederick Bogue Noyes (1872–1961), American dentist
  • Fred W. Noyes Jr. (1905–1987), American artist and entrepreneur, founded The Noyes Museum of Art
  • George Lorenzo Noyes (1863–1945), American artist and mineralogist
  • Haskell Noyes (1886–1948), American conservationist
  • Henry Noyes (c. 1860–1922) co-founder of Australian engineering company Noyes Brothers
  • Henry Halsey Noyes (1910–2005), American writer
  • Henry Sanborn Noyes (1822–1870), president of Northwestern University
  • Jansen Noyes, Jr. (1918–2004), American investment banker
  • John Noyes (1764–1841), Vermont politician
  • John Humphrey Noyes (1811–1886), founder of the Oneida Community in the US
  • Joseph C. Noyes (1798–1868), United States Representative from Maine
  • Newbold Noyes, Jr. (1918–1997), American publisher
  • Nicholas Noyes, colonial minister during the time of the Salem witch trials of 1692
  • Paul Noyes, American football coach in the 1893 season
  • Peter Noyes, former Vice-Chancellor of University of Wales, Newport
  • Peter Noyes (Andover), English MP for Andover
  • William A. Noyes (1857–1941), American analytical and organic chemist
  • William Curtis Noyes (1805–1864), American jurist
  • Walter Chadwick Noyes (1865–1926), American judge
Noyes (disambiguation)

Noyes is a surname.

Noyes may also refer to: