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n. (archaic spelling of noel English)


Nowell may refer to:

  • Nowell (name)
  • Nowell (surname)
  • Nowell Salmon (1835-1912), British Admiral of the Fleet and recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Nowell Myres (1902-1989), British archaeologist and librarian
  • Nowell, Wisconsin, a ghost town
  • Nowell Codex, one of the four major Anglo-Saxon literature codices; contains the unique copy of the epic poem Beowulf
Nowell (surname)

Nowell is the surname of:

  • Alexander Nowell (c. 1507–1602), Anglican Puritan theologian and clergyman; dean of St Paul's
  • Ben Nowell (born 1985), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Bradley Nowell (1968-1996), lead singer and guitarist of the ska punk band Sublime
  • Howard Wilbert Nowell (1872–1940), instructor in pathology at Boston University and a pioneering cancer researcher
  • Increase Nowell (1590-1655), colonial administrator, original patentee of the Massachusetts Bay Company, founder of Charlestown, Massachusetts, and first ruling elder of the First Church in Charlestown
  • Jack Nowell (born 1993), rugby union player
  • Laurence Nowell, two English cousins often confused with each other, one an antiquarian, cartographer and scholar (c. 1515–c. 1571), the other a churchman (died 1576)
  • Louis R. Nowell (1915–2009), Los Angeles city fire captain and politician
  • Mel Nowell (born 1940), National Basketball Association player
  • Peter Nowell (born 1928), cancer researcher and professor
  • Thomas Nowell (1730?–1801), English clergyman, historian and religious controversialist
  • Wedgwood Nowell (1878–1957), American film actor
  • William Nowell (1880–1968), a British mycologist
Nowell (name)

Nowell is a masculine English given name derived from noël, meaning Christmas in French. In Irish, it is Nollaig. The actual feminine form is Noelle, but in English-speaking it is Nowell meaning Birth.

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Usage examples of "nowell".

Nowell, yes, that one will do, if you find me two more cogs just like this one in the box.