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now hear this

phr. (context US Navy English) (non-gloss definition: An instruction to cease activity and listen to the announcement that will follow.)

Now Hear This (film)

Now Hear This is a 1962 animated short film in the Looney Tunes series produced by Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc. It was directed by Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble, and written by Jones and John Dunn. The title comes from a phrase used aboard American naval ships as an instruction to cease activity and listen to the announcement that will follow. The phrase was referred into another WB cartoon, Now Hare This, five years before this one.

This cartoon is notable in that it has no rings at the opening title sequence (see "Title Sequence" below). In addition, this cartoon is notable for resembling a UPA cartoon (whose cartoons had used limited animation techniques) more than a typical Warner Bros. short of the time.

Now Hear This

'''Now Hear This ''' may refer to:

  • Now Hear This (film), a 1963 cartoon film
  • Now Hear This (The Hi-Lo's album), a 1957 album by The Hi-Lo's
  • Now Hear This (Duke Pearson album), a 1968 album by jazz pianist Duke Pearson
  • Now Hear This (Hanson album), a 1973 album by British band Hanson
  • Now Hear This (Howe II album), a 1991 album by Howe II
  • Now Hear This (The Split Squad album)
  • Now Hear This (KRS-One album), 2015 album
  • NHT Loudspeakers, an American electronics company
  • Now hear this (nautical command)
Now Hear This (The Hi-Lo's album)

Now Hear This was an LP album by The Hi-Lo's released in 1957 by Columbia Records, as catalog number CL-1023.

Now Hear This (Howe II album)

Now Hear This is the second and final studio album by hard rock band Howe II, released in 1991 through Shrapnel Records. Following the album's release, guitarist Greg Howe would re-focus on his solo career, beginning with his 1993 album Introspection.

Now Hear This (Duke Pearson album)

Now Hear This is the thirteenth album by American pianist and arranger Duke Pearson. It features big band performances recorded in 1968 and released on the Blue Note label.

Now hear this (nautical command)

"Now hear this" is a phrase used in the United States Navy to instruct personnel to give "attention to an order or command about to follow".

The phrase was also heard in nautical use in the Star Trek science fiction series. The phrase was used on USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) in the film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and on USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) in the Star Trek:The Next Generation episodes " Encounter at Farpoint" and " Yesterday's Enterprise" .

Now Hear This (The Split Squad album)

Now Hear This... is the debut album by American rock band The Split Squad. Featuring the lineup of Clem Burke, Michael Giblin, Josh Kantor, Eddie Munoz, and Keith Streng, it was released on January 21, 2014 on Red Chuck records and features contributions from Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck of R.E.M. and The Baseball Project, Hugo Burnham of Gang of Four and Mike Gent of The Figgs.