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Novy (masculine), Novaya (feminine), or Novoye (neuter) may refer to:

  • Frederick George Novy (1864–1957), American pioneer bacteriologist
  • Lili Novy (1885–1958), Slovene poet
  • Tom Novy, German DJ and producer
  • Milan Nový (b. 1951), Czech former ice hockey player
  • Oldřich Nový (1899–1983), Czech actor
  • Novy, nickname of Marcin Nowak (b. 1975), Polish death metal musician
  • Novy (inhabited locality) (Novaya, Novoye), several inhabited localities in Russia
  • Novy Port, a port on the mouth of the Ob River, Russia
  • Khabarovsk Novy Airport, an airport in Khabarovsk, Russia
  • Novaya River, a river in Russia
Novy (inhabited locality)

Novy (; masculine), Novaya (; feminine), or Novoye (; neuter) is the name of several rural localities in Russia.

Usage examples of "novy".

Back at the University old professor Novy had been one of their pet animosities.

Sometime later, the glowing trails of emergency re-entry capsules skidded across the sky a thousand kilometers south of Novy Petrograd.

Rubenstein shivered with cold as the bird-legged hut strode along the road from Novy Petrograd.

Some of the more wired dissidents of Novy Petrograd had cobbled together something which they, in turn, called a management information system: cameras squatted with hooded cyclopean eyes atop the garrets and rooflines of the city, feeding images into the digital nervous system of the revolution.

Upon my feith, thou art som officer, Som worthy sexteyn, or som celerer, For by my fader soule, as to my doom, Thou art a maister whan thou art at hoom, No povre cloysterer, ne no novys, But a governour, wily and wys.

A Novy Sverdlovsk flag, yellow silk blazoned with a red eagle, hung from the tip of the mast which was extended over the quay, but the Klimovs had gone into San Juan as soon as the slip cooled down enough for Daniel to open the hatches.