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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

The word novus means "new" in Latin.

Novus may also refer to:

Novus (role-playing game)

Novus is a fantasy role-playing game created by Tim Dugger for Firehawk Games (FHG).

Usage examples of "novus".

Sol Novus, itself a planet in relation to the Sun, revolved a lifeless Satellite, Hesperides, that seemed to offer remarkable opportunities for human colonization.

Sol Novus, not as bright as the major Sun, was only fifty million miles away from Hesperides.

Sol Novus, together with Hesperides, swung so far out away from the Sun, that connections with Earth and Mars became difficult, and were finally lost.

Anio Novus, like the Vetus, was at first derived from the river of the same name at the forty-second milestone of the road to Subiaco, great precautions being taken for purifying the water.

The Anio Novus reached Rome in its own channel after a course of 86,964 meters, but for the last seven miles it ran on the same arches with the Aqua Claudia.

The Anio Novus was the largest of all Roman aqueducts, discharging nearly three hundred thousand cubic meters per day.

How often had he seen his father do this, in the subterranean reservoir of the Claudia and the Anio Novus on the Esquiline Hill?

The Great Seal of the United States, reproduced on the dollar bill, also Includes two phrases of Latin: Annuit coeptis ("He has favored our undertakings) and Novus ordo seclorum ("A new order of the ages").

Randy fires up a piece of software that is technically called Novus Ordo Seclorum but that everyone calls Ordo for short.

Then John Cantrell (who is on the board of Novus Ordo Seclorum Systems Inc.

They point to the incomplete pyramid capped with a glorified eye and the reference to Novus Ordo Seclorum, the New Secular Order.

But instead of Novus Ordo Seclorum on the banner beneath, there were these words: Fornit Some Fornus.