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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Novum \No"vum\, n. A game at dice, properly called novem quinque (L., nine five), the two principal throws being nine and five. [Obs.]


n. 1 A new feature. 2 (context obsolete English) A game of dice, properly called ''novem quinque'', the two principal throws being nine and five.


Novum ( Latin for new thing) is a term used by science fiction scholar Darko Suvin and others to describe the scientifically plausible innovations used by science fiction narratives.

He argues that the genre of Science Fiction is distinguished from Fantasy by the story being driven by a novum validated by cognitive logic. This means that the hypothetical 'new thing' which the story is about can be imagined to exist by scientific means rather than by magic.

Usage examples of "novum".

Marcellus went a lot further in announcing that the people of the colony you set up at Novum Comum are not Roman citizens.

He paid a special visit to his colony at Novum Comum, where Marcus Marcellus had ordered a citizen flogged two years before, and personally paid the man compensation at a public meeting in the town marketplace.

Marcus Marcellus had flogged a citizen of your colony at Novum Comuma disgrace, Caesar.

Lydiat, of ascetic principles--of almost superhuman renitence, where the affections are involved--and of a determined bias respecting his mission in life--is still standing on the forecastle, with the Novum Organum opened at the same place, and his face still full of thought.