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The Collaborative International Dictionary

"NOVEM", is an American Independent Film, produced and directed by Brad Kimmel, a filmmaker from Evansville, Indiana. Brad is also the creator and producer of My Classic Car. The film tells the story of fictional band NOVEM's epic six-day recording session in May 1973 and chronicles the modern day discovery of their lost tapes and who they were.

"NOVEM" has made its way around the film festival circuit and received great acclaim, winning many awards.

Though the movie is a work of fiction, it has often been portrayed as a documentary.

Usage examples of "novem".

Novem, and Novem could "lick" Octo, and so on down to Unus, who could n't lick anybody, except her own calf.

At least, if Octo attempted to get before Novem in going through the bars (I have heard people speak of a "pair of bars" when there were six or eight of them), or into the stable, the matter of precedence was settled then and there, and, once settled, there was no dispute about it afterwards.