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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"to replace by something new," 1610s, from past participle stem of Latin novare "to make new," from novus "new" (see new).


vb. 1 To replace something with something new 2 (context legal English) To replace a debt or other obligation


v. replace with something new, especially an old obligation by a new one


Novate may refer to several places in Lombardy, Italy:

  • Novate Brianza, a civil parish of Merate, in the Province of Lecco
  • Novate Mezzola, a municipality in the Province of Sondrio
  • Novate Milanese, a municipality in the Province of Milan

Usage examples of "novate".

She practically purred as she told Kate that a rather firm interview with Melanie Gilbert had given them some prime hints not only about the Banderas sex life, which had been far kinkier than Gilbert had been willing to admit at first, but also led to a storage locker in Novate It was currently being gone over with the finest-toothed combs in the Crime Scene repertoire, but it looked to be where Matty had stashed his rape souvenirs.