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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nova \No"va\ (n[=o]"v[.a]), n.; pl. L. Novae (n[=o]"v[=e]), E. Novas (n[=o]"v[.a]z). [L., fem. sing. of novus new.] (Astron.) A star which suddenly increases in brightness thousands of times, then fades back to near its original intensity. It may appear as a ``new'' star if its original brightness was too low for routine observation. A star which suddenly increases in brightness to many millions of times its original intensity is a supernova, and the postulated mechanisms for the increases of brightness of novae and supernovae are different. Note: The most important modern nov[ae] are: No"va Co*ro"n[ae] Bo`re*a"lis[1866]; No"va Cyg"ni[1876]; No"va An*dro"me*d[ae][1885]; No"va Au*ri"g[ae][1891-92]; No"va Per"se*i[1901]. There are two nov[ae] called Nova Persei. They are:

  1. A small nova which appeared in 1881.

  2. An extraordinary nova which appeared in Perseus in 1901. It was first sighted on February 22, and for one night (February 23) was the brightest star in the sky. By July it had almost disappeared, after which faint surrounding nebulous masses were discovered, apparently moving radially outward from the star at incredible velocity.


alt. (plural of nova English) n. (plural of nova English)

Novas (disambiguation)

Novas are cataclysmic nuclear explosions in white dwarf stars.

Novas or NOVAS may also refer to:

  • Novas (surname)
  • Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Subroutines, an astronomy software library
  • Novas Software, a defunct American circuit design company
Novas (surname)

Novas is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Fernando Novas, Argentine paleontologist
  • Himilce Novas (born 1944), Cuban-American writer
  • Manuel de Novas (1938–2009), Cape Verdean poet and composer
  • Yndys Novas (born 1977), Dominican volleyball player

Usage examples of "novas".

Only systems shattered by novas contained the purralinium with the impurities that could be used for matter transmission.

The Resistance was supposed to recruit all the old starmen that they could find, steal some ships, and try to get to the Novas before the Ryqril figured out what they were doing.

Five Novas would be a tremendous prize, and their best chance to get them is to let us lead the way.

Even more than with the blackcollar group on Plinry, Caine could sense here a deep appreciation for what five Novas signified in actual strategic terms.

He can't just follow us to wherever the Novas are hidden—his ships would have to stay too far back, and by the time he caught up we might have one or more of the ships activated.

Any one of them could have had five caves carved into it, the Novas put in and sensor shielded—and the Ryqril could search for the next ten years without finding them.

Even with both freighters running complementary patterns over the target asteroid, the search was an exercise in slow frustration—the Novas were too well shielded and their ships too poorly equipped for rapid progress.

In the near distance one of the other Novas was visible, dwarfing the two freighters lying alongside like tender-craft.

The Novas and the eased restrictions on interstellar travel will meanwhile let us coordinate planetary resistance efforts like we never could before.

But in recent years more detailed analysis has revealed that six of the novas simply should not have happened -- according to the astronomers.

According to scientists, these novas shouldn't be happening, because they aren't the right type of stars.

The light which the patch novas had taken fifty years to put out, I covered in an hour, moving down the beam at a speed which made the universe itself seem unreal.

It takes a long time for an interstellar market to come apart at the seams, but, as with the Core novas, I don't see anything that can stop the chain reaction.

The Core stars had gone off in a chain reaction of novas ten thousand years ago, and a wave of radiation was even then (and even now) sweeping toward known space.

As they returned to the Core, the expanding wave of radiation from the multiple novas would snuff out the species one by one.