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Novacosm were an eclectic alternative rock band, fronted by former white racist and World Church of the Creator minister George Burdi. Novacosm was founded in 1998, after Burdi decided to leave the white power scene in 1997, and began looking for new artistic and spiritual outlets. Before founding Novacosm, he was frontman of the band Rahowa (an acronym of Racial Holy War).

The group was racially integrated; Burdi is White, bassist Valentine is Black, and guitarist Sylver is Jewish. They began playing shows together in 2001. Their early recordings were released as mp3s, while the group released its only compact disc in 2004. The band did not release anything after 2007.

In 2007, Burdi recorded an acoustic version of the Rahowa song "Ode to a Dying People" and released it on the Novacosm MySpace. This was the end of Novacosm.

Burdi is no longer involved in music.