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n. (context neologism English) A form of computer mouse operated with the nose.


Nouse ( ; Ancient Greek: , meaning intellect, or common sense; also the local River Ouse) is a student newspaper and website at the University of York. It is the oldest registered society of, and funded by, the University of York Students' Union. Nouse was founded in 1964 by student Nigel Fountain, some twenty years before its rival York Vision. The newspaper is printed three times a term, with frequent website updates in between print runs.

Unlike many other university newspapers, which have sabbatical editors, Nouse′s staff is made up entirely of current students.

It has changed dramatically in outlook and presentation over the years, being known at one point as the Nouse Co-operative or NouseCoop, and presenting itself as a samizdat publication throughout the 1980s. In its current incarnation, Nouse is a politically left-of-centre paper. The last edition of the 2006–07 academic year was printed in full-size broadsheet format, but it is now printed in tabloid format.

In the last few years Nouse has become one of the university's largest media societies, picking up multiple nominations and wins in the National Student Journalism Awards and Guardian Student Media Awards.

The Borthwick Institute for Archives at the University of York Library has an archive of Nouse editions that stretches back to the first edition 1964.

Usage examples of "nouse".

He threw it, not gently, at Nouse, who caught it like a punch to his chest.

He was pretty sure the tune would have changed in an instant if Nouse had prodded Ash a fraction harder with his stick.