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Nour (actress)

Marian Farid Abi Habib (in Arabic : ماريان فريد أبى حبيب) is a Lebanese actress. She was born on 23 December 1977. She began her career as an advertisement model after graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Beirut in 1995. Her first role in cinema was in the Egyptian movie of Short w Fanella w Cap. She also acted in many movies like Ezay Tekhalley al Banat Tehabak, Zarf Tarek, Matab Sena'ee and al-Rahina (The Hostage). She also starred in the Egyptian TV series of al-Ameel 1001 (Agent 1001).

Usage examples of "nour".

Umm Nour seemed totally unaware that the towel-draped figure on the bed, with its slim white body and bilious head, was not the husband she was accustomed to, but a collection of stitched-together spare parts.

Umm Nour giggled coyly, and the four slave girls made encouraging sounds.

Emir Asad ed din Shirkuh, lord of Emesa and Rahba, general of the armies of Nour ed din, Sultan of Damascus, has returned from the ships of el Ghazi with a Nazarene captive, and desires audience.

It is coveted by Amalric, king of Jerusalem, and Nour ed din, sultan of Damascus.

But Shirkuh is safe for the time being, and you will reach Amalric before he reaches Nour ed din.

Now Nour ed din will not hesitate, when his spies bring him news from Jerusalem of the marching of the iron men!

The thought of Amalric in Egypt had sufficed to stir Nour ed din to action.

King has need of my services and I cannot, in h nour, refuse, but you must leave to me how much, in the end, I feel the need to divulge to my wife.