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Nou (TV channel)

Nou Televisió , or simply Nou ( Valencian/Catalan for "nine" or "new"), was a public television station in the Valencian Community, Spain. It was run by RTVV which operated from Burjassot. It was broadcast in Valencian and Spanish and it could be watched in the Valencian Community and adjacent areas, especially Catalonia. It had been broadcasting since the late 1980s.

The station broadcast in stereo, and it was often possible to watch programmes in dual language (original soundtrack and Valencian (or Spanish) dub).

In July 2012, in the middle of the ongoing financial crisis, RTVV announced a labor force adjustment plan, firing 1,198 of its 1,660 employees. Trade unions CCOO and CGT challenged the measure, and on 5 November 2013 it was nullified by the National Court. Claiming that reinstating the employees was untenable, the Generalitat Valenciana closed down RTVV that same day.


NOU or Nou may refer to:

  • Noh, a major form of classical Japanese musical drama
  • Norwegian Official Report (Norwegian: )
  • Enn Nõu (born 1933), Estonian writer
  • Ewage language, spoken in Papua New Guinea (ISO 639 code: nou)

Usage examples of "nou".

En als Jimmy het slechter deed dan het programma, nou ja, misschien moest hij dan echt ergens anders aan zijn promotie gaan werken.

Meende je nou werkelijk dat uitgerekend jij, van al degenen die zijn uitgezonden, de enige was die zijn geloof in God was kwijtgeraakt?

We kunnen nou wel gaan muggenziften en spijkers op laag water zoeken, maar ik denk dat het goed zal uitpakken.

En jij, die nou er om zit te grienen, denk je, dat jij dan altijd in huis blijft?

Ducos, on the Isle of Pines, which in those days had been sacred to political prisoners, and discipline there had been, even then, lax compared to that of the Ile Nou, the very heart of prison-land, where Maxime Dalahaide was dragging out the weary years of his lost life.

The quay was quiet and deserted, and the Ile Nou was a black shape in the translucent glitter of the water.

The water, as they looked toward the Ile Nou, which must be their destination, was a flood of molten silver poured from the white-hot furnace of the full moon.

But it is a fact, then, that a convict has escaped from the Ile Nou, and you have got word that he is likely to turn up here on board a steam yacht?

Part of the newly-arrived reinforcements proceeded to Ile Nou, part moved towards the barricade.

Murray Managing director, IIBC, Donald McGiverin 1959-1972 Governor, IIBC, 1982- Nou residing in Victoria 16ronto F.