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Usage examples of "notre".

Charlemagne dans les romans, ou comme Robert Bruce et William Wallace dans notre histoire.

A solemn Te Deum was chanted at the cathedral of Notre Dame on Sunday, the 11th of April.

Their voices made Domini think again of the recruits, and then, because of them, of Notre Dame de la Garde, the mother of God, looking towards Africa.

Notre Dame de Sarmaize, Simon Fauchard, being in the market-house of the town, there came to him a woman dressed as a youth who asked him to play at tennis with her.

And before Goya you have to go back to the mediaeval chaps who did the gargoyles and chimaeras on Notre Dame and Mont Saint-Michel.

Dominic assembled his friars at Notre Dame de la Prouille, they were found to be sixteen in number, and among them Castilians, Navarese, Normans, French, Languedocians, and even English and Germans.

Par la fenetre ouverte, et qui donnait sur la cour, les piaillements vigoureux des moineaux entraient avec des flots de lumiere et les senteurs des lilas cultives par notre concierge, grand amateur de jardins.

And all the while marveling that none of the Ashdown Dean crowd had twigged it: the Baroness Regina de la Notre was either in a waking dream or dead drunk.

He had undertaken the examination of the marriage-registers in all the parishes of Paris, and, as early as the following week, he discovered at Notre Dame des Lorettes the entry of the marriage of Euphrasie Taponnet with Frederic de Thaller.

Repairing their dilapidated buildings of Notre Dame des Anges, a little way out of Quebec on the St.

It was a life, once these men left the mission house of Notre Dame des Anges, that was without the slightest social intercourse, that was beyond the prizes of any earthly ambition, that was frequently in imminence of torture and death, and that was usually in physical discomfort if not in pain.

It was the residence of Notre Dame des Anges, the house from which the first martyrs were to go forth toward the west.

Je parle à tous: et cette erreur extrême, Est un mal que chacun se plait d'entretenir, Notre âme, c'est cet homme amoureux de lui même, Tant de miroirs, ce sont les sottises d'autrui.

Etienne and of Notre Dame, until the dim blue eyelids closed again tranquilly over the assuaged eyes.

     Ce parpaillot, pour attirerTout l'argent de la France,Songea d'abord a s'assurerDe notre confiance.