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Noto ( Sicilian: Notu; Latin: Netum) is a city and comune in the Province of Syracuse, Sicily, Italy. It is southwest of the city of Syracuse at the foot of the Iblean Mountains. It lends its name to the surrounding area Val di Noto. In 2002 Noto and its church were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Noto (disambiguation)

Noto may refer to:

  • Noto, a town in Sicily
  • Noto Peninsula, a peninsula in Japan
  • Noto Province, an old province of Japan
  • Noto Airport, an airport in Japan
  • Noto, Ishikawa (Fugeshi) (能都町), a former town which merged with neighboring towns on the peninsula in 2005 to become:
  • Noto, Ishikawa (能登町)
  • Noto (train), a train service operating in Japan
  • Noto (font), a pan-unicode font
  • A surname:
    • Alva Noto, also Noto, the pseudonym of the German artist Carsten Nicolai
    • Mamiko Noto, voice actress
Noto (train)

The is a seasonal overnight express train service in Japan operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), which runs between Ueno Station in Tokyo and via the Shinetsu Main Line and Hokuriku Main Line. The journey takes approximately seven hours. The train was operated as a regular daily service by West Japan Railway Company (JR West) until 13 March 2010, with operations transferred to JR East from this date.