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The Collaborative International Dictionary

nother \noth"er\, a. Other; -- variant spelling used mostly in the phrase a whole nother (i. e., a completely different), as though formed by splitting the word ``another''.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

word formed from misdivision of another as a nother (see N for other examples), c.1300. From 14c.-16c. no nother is sometimes encountered as a misdivision of none other or perhaps as an emphatic negative; Old English had noðer as a contraction of ne oðer "no other."


Etymology 1 a. (context obsolete outside UK and Caribbean dialects English) neither. adv. (label en obsolete) nor. pron. (context obsolete outside UK and Caribbean dialects English) neither. Etymology 2

a. (context largely obsolete outside the US phrase ''a whole nother'' English) different, other. pron. (context obsolete English) another.

Nöther (crater)

Nöther is a lunar crater on the far side of the Moon. It is located in the far northern latitudes, to the northwest of the walled plain Poczobutt. About two crater diameters to the north-northwest of Nöther lies Niepce.

This is an old, eroded feature with an outer rim that has become round-shouldered and marked with several small craterlets. The inner wall is narrower along the northeastern side, while the southern half is the most heavily marked by impacts. The interior floor is nearly level and featureless, with only a small craterlet near the north-northeastern inner wall and a tiny crater in the south-southwest.


Usage examples of "nother".

Beany choze to plug him and he let ding at him and the egg hit him a paister rite in the side and broak and spatered him all over with yellow, and he kicked up and ran away before i cood get a nother egg.

George what are you going to do with the boy, drownd him, and father he said no but i wood if he dident amount to more then you have, and then that man he shet up and a nother man he holered George have you saved enny more peeple and father he said no i had a chanse to but his name was Mudge and i let them hang him, and then that man he shet up.

The Jews wouldn't take him unless he cut a piece of his dick off and learned to read a whole nother language, which was a bit of a tall order since he hadn't gotten round to learning how to read English yet.