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Usage examples of "nothe".

I asked about him before accepting the invitation, and I heard nothing but good.

I can assure you that the friend, to whom we will give a spectacle worthy of Paphos and Amathos, shall see or hear nothing likely to make him suppose that I am acquainted with his secret.

She was already acquainted with most of my recent adventures, but I knew nothing at all about hers, and she entertained me with a recital of them for five or six hours.

I thought of nothing else, and knowing all the power of the beautiful Therese Imer over our amorous senator, who would be but too happy to please her in anything, I determined to call upon her the next day, and I went straight to her room without being announced.

Esther was astonished and called her governess to see the two answers, but the good woman saw nothing wonderful in them whatever.

The poor girl was astonished, kissed my hand, and begged me to say nothing to her mistress.

I took care to say nothing to the gaoler about this fine work, but I began to feel the effects of reading it.

We had nothing now to look for in the future, the die was cast, and we began our farewell caresses.

I was looking at her to see if I could find any justification for her ill humour on her features, but as soon as she saw me she turned away in a very marked manner, and began to speak about nothing to the priest.

We began by sitting down in front of a roaring fire, and for half an hour we did nothing but eat oysters, which were opened in our presence by a clever waiter, who took care not to lose a drop of the fluid.

Dubois, nothing daunted, begged her to say what she thought of the Italians.

I said nothing about it at the moment, but I begged the abbot to take me to his private chamber.

He then begged me to enter into a correspondence with him, and as that bound me to nothing I agreed to do so.

I felt very tired, and having nothing to keep me after seeing Mariuccia, I begged the company to excuse me, and after wishing them a good appetite I left them.

I also said that I should be much obliged if he would contrive that she should dance, even for nothing, at the carnival, and I begged him to warn her that, if I heard any tales about her when I came to Turin, our relations would be at an end.