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Noth is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Chris Noth (born 1954), American film and television actor
  • Martin Noth (1902–1968), German scholar of the Hebrew Bible

Usage examples of "noth".

Verteidigung der Stadt die Waffen ergreifen und entging bei einem Ausfall nur mit genauer Noth dem Tode.

Noth was in no position to challenge the Emperor or any of the stronger males in the loose pecking order above him.

It was among those that I found in the ruins of Noth, where the Archimage Binah dwelt for so long.

They had ratlike incisors, and a humble verminous look compared to Noth and his family, their black-and-white fur patchy and filthy.

Noth were much smarter than rodents like the ailu, his kind could not compete.

Noth worked the forest floor, a troop of dark little creatures scurried by nervously.

Noth over a week ago, moving northward into the foothills and then ascending into the snowfields of the high Ohogan Mountains.

Instead of that, she's wandering about as an itinerant, doing noth ing more taxing than checking horses for beglamour ing.

Noth would have needed a nutcracker to eat hazelnuts or brazil nuts, and a millstone to process grains like wheat and barley.

Although it was clumsier than the Notharctus as it moved about in the trees, lacking a primate's grasping hands and feet, it was more than big enough to have fought off Noth.

Noth, tail held erect, stalked toward Rival, vigorously rubbing his groin against the tree bark, chattering and barking.

The darkness that Mikhyel feared in himself would be as noth ing to the darkness that would manifest in him once it found this willing partner, this scarfaced partner who avoided the sweet and gentle Mheltiri's soul and sought a soul instead who could appreciate the advantages of such an unholy alliance, someone who would understand the anger and the violence.