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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Notate \No"tate\, a. [L. notatus marked, p. p. of notare to mark. See 5th Note.] (Bot.) Marked with spots or lines, which are often colored.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1922, from Latin notatus, past participle of notare (see note (v.)). Related: Notated; notating.


vb. 1 To mark with spots or lines, which are often colored. 2 To add notes to; to annotate 3 To create notation (i.e. music); to record/put down in the form of notation


v. put into notation, as of music or choreography; "Nowadays, you can notate an entire ballet; in the old days, the steps had to be memorized"

Usage examples of "notate".

Hebrew alphabet, to notate the transfinite number, any part of which is as large as the whole.

Absent the customary rites of passage, undirected, I kept going forward, thinking that I would sooner or later encounter an official who would inscribe my name or open a computer file or in some other fashion notate my arrival.

He'd seen evidence of it in the field over the past several months elaborately notated bone objects, increased cranial capacity.

It seemed to be coming from Chintz who was notating a few inky equations on her gently muscled arm.

Tagging, notating, receipting, filing—preserving impeccable chains of evidence for the State case.

Impulsively, Karen put down the chart she was notating and hugged Piper in apology.

Jerry's still notating tires at the gas station, earning a dollar-fifty an hour.

She kept track of his Vegas suits and gaudy ties, notating them to the dry cleaner’s at exactly the right time, not so often as to wean them out prematurely, not too seldom as to make them appear soiled.

Collet nodded, recalling a police investigation into a restaurant that had failed to notate on its menu that the chili recipe contained peanut oil.