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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Notum \No"tum\, n.; pl. Nota. [NL., fr. Gr. nw^ton.] (Zo["o]l.) The back.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

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'''Nota Sports and Racing Cars ''' is an automobile manufacturer in Australia. The company was founded by Guy Buckingham in 1952. He was an aircraft engineer and used his expertise to build triangulated spaceframed sportscars. Possibly Australia's first space-framed cars. In 1958 the company built a series of all-enveloping aluminium streamlined sports cars. First called "Streamliners", and later called "Mazengarbs". Up to 1960 eleven of those were made. In the late 1950s the company produced Formula Junior cars in both front and midengined formats. Nota also made a series of specialist monoposto racing cars for the track and hill climbing events. In 1963 the company made a series of Mini powered sports cars. In 1964 they started production of the Nota Sapphire an alloy bodied sports and coupe designs with Ford Fiat and Coventry Climax engines. In 1965 Nota started producing Formula Vee cars for Warrick Farm race track making 34 in the first year. In the 1960s the company formulised their "Sportsman", a Lotus 7 look alike, which they still build today and are now building in a midengined version for the modern day transverse engines which the major car manufacturers produce. In 1968 came the Nota Fang Chris Buckinghams first real design, a midengined sports car using a Cooper S engine power plant behind the driver but in front of the rear wheels, their most successful model with over 100 being made. Later the Fang was equipped with Lancia engines, then Toyota engines, finally being fitted with Toyota's V6 Quad cam supercharged engines with over 400BHP. In 1973 Nota started with their Marauder range of cars using the same mechanicals as the Nota Fang. At the same time they were making the Nota Levanti front engine twin cam coupe. In 1975 the supply of Leyland 1275 GT engines started to run out so Nota contacted FIAT and both Marauders and Fangs were made with the 2-litre twin cam FIAT/ Lancia engine. Leyland were then approached and the P76 engine was fitted to the Marauders using a Nota made gearbox transaxle with the gear box next to the driver and the engine behind. In the late 1970s Nota had started on 4WD 351 V8 mid-engined Marauders, but in the 1980s Ford stopped export of the 351 engine to Australia. After a trip to England Chris Buckingham assembled a design team to design a Fang with Fl 3 litre V6 quad cam engine as well as a fully enclosed, similarly specified Chimera. In 2003 Nota developed the Nota Le Mans, powered by either a Suzuki GTi 1300 cc or 1100 cc motor cycle engine. For road use it could also use a Toyota 1800 cc VVTi 6-speed or the 3.5-litre V6 quad cam. By 2012 Nota had decided that due to the lack of front engine rear wheel drive 4 cylinder engine being available they would use an existing front engined Nota clubman chassis and move the seats forward by 150mm and fit a transverse engine behind the driver. It looks just like their front engined clubmans but with the advantage of a midengined design.


Nóta is a form of 19th century Hungarian popular song. It is one of a number of styles collectively referred to as cigányzene, which literally means Gipsy music but is used to refer to a number of styles of Hungarian folk music that are played in a typical Gipsy musical style. Nóta includes a variety of tempi, from uptempo friss csárdás via a medium time "Palotas" to slow dramatic tempo rubato ballads.

Nota (group)

Nota is an a cappella group of six male vocalists from San Juan, Puerto Rico. The group met in 1994 and started singing together occasionally. The group won the first season of the musical competition The Sing-Off.

Usage examples of "nota".

I was winding my way through the mountains in a cut-rate rental car, heading south on 395 toward the town of Nota Lake, California, where I was going to interview a potential client.

I stopped at a service station and picked up a one-page map of the town, which was shaped like a smudge on the eastern edge of Nota Lake.

Since Nota County only has one homicide every two years or so, the coroner prefers that an outside agency provide its expertise, in both autopsy services and testimony.

At this late hour, the town of Nota Lake was deserted, stores locked for the night with only an occasional cold interior light aglow.

Highway 395, leading out to the Nota Lake Cabins, represented one long continuous stretch of darkened road.

Once at the Nota Lake Cabins, we parked side by side and he walked me to the cabin, waiting while I unlocked the door and flipped on the light inside.

As with the Nota Lake Fire Department, located next door, this was generic architecture, a strictly functional facility.

Tom felt was connected to some skeletal remains found in Nota County last spring.

Turns out Pinkie has another daughter in Nota Lake, which is why he and Alfie went up there in the first place.

I arrived in Nota Lake at 6:45, night had settled on the landscape and the weather was truly nasty.

My guess was the people of Nota Lake, like others in perpetually cold climates, had strategies for coping with the shifting character of snow.

I was back in Nota Lake, staying at her house, which was the last thing I wanted.

Afterward, the Nota Lake devout would crowd into the local restaurants, still dressed in their Sunday best and eager for lunch.

I took my briefcase with me as I crunched along the berm to the Nota Lake Cabins.

It occurred to me the woman might have been staying at the Nota Lake Cabins, in which case her stroll might not have had anything to do with Tom.