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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

n. (plural of nostrum English)

Usage examples of "nostra".

It is not with him pereant illi, but beati sunt illi qui pro nobis nostra dixerunt,-Blessed are those who have said our good things for us.

The evening had begun calmly enough with the appearance on stage of Dame Nostra, a regal woman in a long, floor-length black gown.

He had missed the transition, but Dame Nostra had moved with apparent smoothness into a discussion of her own experiences with precognition, beginning with the incidents of a sensitive child and the growing realization that not everyone had these flashes of terrifying insight.

Dame Nostra had not arrived yet, apparently, and Landis had spent an uneasy half hour conversing with people he did not know and with whom he had nothing to say.

Half seated on the desk, with a glass of champagne in her hand, was Dame Nostra, talking to two men in tuxedos, one of whom, it had turned out, was Barclay Stone.

Dame Nostra had been brought in a rear door to avoid disturbing the other guests, he had been told, but he thought it was to save herself a barrage of meaningless social amenities.

There it had been again, a confusion of states of mind that Landis had found more terrifying from Dame Nostra than annoying.

It was at about this time that the infamous gang wars and underworld intrigues were reaching the climax which would see the firm establishment of the Cosa Nostra families.

Now wise to the ways of his world, he successfully evaded the reach of the law thereafter and was formally initiated into a Cosa Nostra family somewhere around his 21st year.

DiGeorge could not remember a time since the Maranzano-Genovese wars of the thirties when there had been such a high attrition rate within a Cosa Nostra family.

DiGeorge filed a mental note to raise the issue with the Commissione, the national Cosa Nostra ruling council, at the first opportunity.

The Cosa Nostra, yeah, it gave you the clothes on your back and the food in your belly and yeah, your old man is loyal to a thing like this and if you had any sense, you,d be too instead of smart-mouthing it.

Frank de Sabatino had been crossed off the Christmas-card list of LCN La Cosa Nostra in Miami and for his own protection had been sent over to the UK as part of the federal witness protection program.

I went into orders they were saying the existence of the Cosa Nostra was a myth, like the bogyman.

Da parte nostra reagimmo all'attacco con fucili, picche d'abbordaggio, armi esplosive e altri ordigni, e per due volte riuscimmo a respingerli liberando il ponte.