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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Maybe do it again, order up a bit of nosh and champagne.
▪ Secondly, she likes her nosh.
▪ She smells strange and the nosh is tinned but it was better than nothing.
▪ They thought she had got fat, a good advert, on the succulent nosh.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1957, from Yiddish nashn "nibble," from Middle High German naschen, from Old High German hnascon, nascon "to nibble," from Proto-Germanic *(g)naskon. Related: Noshed; noshing. Earlier as a noun (1917) meaning "a restaurant," short for nosh-house.


n. 1 food; a light meal or snack. 2 (context slang UK English) fellatio. vb. 1 (context intransitive usually with "on" English) To eat a snack or light meal. 2 (context slang UK English) To perform fellatio (on); to blow.


v. eat a snack; eat lightly; "She never loses weight because she snacks between meals" [syn: snack]


n. (Yiddish) a snack or light meal


Nosh may refer to:

  • NOSH-aspirin, a category of new hybrids of aspirin
  • Farah Nosh, Iraqi-Canadian photojournalist
  • Nosh A Lody (born 1989), Finnish footballer of Congolese descent
  • The Nosh Bar, London salt beef bar

Usage examples of "nosh".

Politely shaking my head I pushed past their sudden cries of protest and at the nosh vendor.

This seemed to me the favorite local pastime on festival days, lanterns and nosh on some peak.

A couple of days later we were mincing around in the base camp, cooking away and gabbing off, and Nosh decided that the time had come.

We took mugs of tea with us to the briefing room, Nosh still honking because Solid Shot had solved the conundrum on Blockbusters.

Eventually I went down an alley, feeling worn out, and settled to a nosh in a busy restaurant.

Gina as soon as darkness covered the day, and went to find the galley for some nosh to keep the wolf from the door.

The screens showed the concourses, departure points, ticket agencies, the nosh concessions.

Chelsea porcelain figurine sold over a nosh bar counter in a Suffolk village.

Sim was enjoying himself debating through the menu with two white-jacketed waiters in voices raised over the hubbub of diners noshing and talking.

I sought out a restaurant and had a whale of a time noshing everything in sight.

Mister Cat along a row of soggy cabbages, nibbling here, noshing there.

Mike was noshing on a cheese Danish and took a swallow as he looked over at Caxton.

I had a lovely time wandering the shops, noshing a bit, sussing out antiques.

I ordered a reasonable amount of nosh, mainly butties, soup, bakewells, a battenburg for her because she likes, liked, sweet victuals.

Mister Cat along a row of soggy cabbages, nibbling here, noshing there.