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n. (plural of nose English)

Usage examples of "noses".

And from the wrinkled noses, they dinna care so much for the scent now, I think.

The only answer to this was a fusillade of further shots, followed by the opening of the port lids nearest us, and the sudden appearance of the long black noses of several cannon, along with a more intense gust of stink.

They breathed harshly through their noses, and the enbees split the oxygen from the sea so that their lungs were filled with air that they used up far too soon.

The dogs, with their black noses and lolling pink tongues, leapt at their harnesses and dug their feet into the snow.

And so the ecologists smoked their toalache, and they saw visions of their life as it could be, and they bred their children to have pointed noses and flippers and fluked tails.

There were nine gray seals, and they were basking in the sun with their black noses pointed straight up towards the sky.

They were skilled at sweeping snow aside with their noses and cheeks to find their preferred close-to-the-ground feed, but the snowy steppes of the south were not without risk.

When he reached them, Racer touched noses with Wolf, then stood near his dam with his head over her neck, drawing comfort after the frightening river crossing.

Ayla smile, with their long overhanging noses and peculiar gait, which did not hinder their speed, she noted.

The persistent creatures were everywhere, into eyes, noses, and mouths, and the sweaty skin under the shaggy coats.

Wolf ran ahead and they all turned to watch when he and Whinney rubbed noses, while the mare whickered a greeting.

There was a strong family resemblance between her and the middle-aged woman who trailed behind, strong straight noses and snapping black eyes.

This was an ordinary Krakow vehicle such as Jews hire, fifty of them squeezing in along with their goods, to carry them to every town where their noses smell a fair.

Either their hands are made for it, or our noses are no longer good for anything.

And when I pictured how the earth is a heavy substance and in sitting down may grind our noses into flour, I was overcome with such anxiety that, putting on my stockings and shoes, I hurried to the state council chamber to order the police not to allow the earth to sit on the moon.