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n. (context rare English) someone who noses, a nosy person

Usage examples of "noser".

The reason, of course, was simple: a noser was too small to carry fuel for a return trip.

All the noser could do was kick off from a larger ship or a planetary surface, head for its destination, and quietly expire there.

Tekel Upharsin, Morley said to himself, and made a brief, silent salute to the rows of orange bushes growing beyond the noser parking lot.

With that she strode off, leaving him standing in the doorway of the noser, one hand on his row of stored-away marmalade jars.

He gazed about the interior of the noser, conscious of the ungainly piles of clothing, books, records, kitchen appliances, typewriter, medical supplies, pictures, wear-forever couch covers, chess set, reference tapes, communications gear and junk, junk, junk.

He could not picture her piloting a noser across interplanetary space.

Walker-on-Earth approached me to inform me that I had been given a faulty noser, the result of the using of which would have cost my wife and I our lives.

I was visited by the Walker-on-Earth at the time in which I was busy finding an adequate noser for the trip here.

The man was a brown noser Not that the woman minded people who groveled, but this one tended to spit when he talked.

Babble, he made his way toward the area in which all the nosers lay parked.

We have no vehicles here except inert and fuel-zero nosers, and even if we could round up the fuel--say by syphoning from every fuel tank to fill up one--they don't have tracking gear by which we could pilot a course.

They take their outlaw-tax out of what the Muddy Nosers can spare—they don't go taking what the local people have to have to stay alive.

If they did that, then I suppose the Muddy Nosers would get together in blood-feud, if they had to declare themselves a clan, temporarily to do that.

You see, the outlaws go around collecting their so-called tax and the Muddy Nosers can't stop them.

Evidently, not one of them up there had been able to retain his grip, for although the stones had stopped flying from the crowd of Muddy Nosers, not one head made its reappearance above the stockade wall.