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Etymology 1 n. disease, sickness Etymology 2

n. (context honey bees English) (l en nosema disease id=bees gloss=infectious disease of adult honey bees caused by some microsporidian parasites)

Nosema (microsporidian)

Nosema is a genus of microsporidian parasites. The genus, circumscribed by Swiss botanist Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli in 1857, contains 81 species. Most parasitise insects and other arthropods, and the best-known Nosema species parasitise honeybees, where they are considered a significant disease by beekeepers, often causing a colony to fail to thrive in the spring as they come out of their overwintering period. Eight species parasitize digeneans, a group of parasitic flatworms, and thus are hyperparasites, i.e., parasites of a parasite.


Nosema may refer to:

  • Nosema (microsporidian), a fungus genus in the division Microsporidia
  • Nosema (plant), a plant genus in the family Lamiaceae

Usage examples of "nosema".

No good for propagating beetle genes, but a cornucopia for Nosema parasites.

Very much the same story as I conjectured for Nosema in the flour beetle and for the fluke in the snail.