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Tressa Norne awoke, conscious for the first time in four years that it was at last her own familiar self stretched out there on the pillows where sunshine streamed through the porthole.

Tressa Norne fell on both knees, her pistol still clutched in her right hand, calling passionately upon Christ to forgive her for the dreadful ability she had dared to use, and begged Him to save her body from death and her soul from the snare of the Yezidee.

Sanang left the bed-chamber of Tressa Norne he turned to the right in the carpeted corridor outside and hurried toward the hotel elevator.

Tressa Norne, win her confidence, and, if possible, enlist her actively in the Government Service as your particular aid and comrade.

Tressa Norne stepped from the wings and stood before the lowered curtain facing an expectant but oddly undemonstrative audience.

Miss Tressa Norne will entertain you with several phases of Black Magic.

This strange knowledge was acquired by Miss Norne from the Yezidees, among which almost unknown people still remain descendants of that notorious and formidable historic personage know in the twelfth century as The Old Man of the Mountain--or The Old Man of Mount Alamout.

The boy returned with the card, saying that Miss Norne had already dressed and departed.

But if you actually possess such ability, Miss Norne, and if you have employed such knowledge to defend your life, then you have done absolutely right.

Miss Norne, and tell us a little more about this rather terrifying thing which you believe menaces the civilised world with destruction.

And there may come a day when Miss Norne will wish that you had been less conscientious concerning the safety of her pretty throat.

But, Miss Norne, our living here together, in my apartment--or living together anywhere else--is never going to be understood by other people.

Then he kicked himself to a sitting position, squatted there like a toad and looked steadily at Tressa Norne out of small red-rimmed eyes.

Tressa Norne at all he saw, but little Keuke--Heavenly Azure--of the Yezidee temple, as she dropped one slim knee over the other and crossed her hands above it.