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n. (plural of norm English)

Usage examples of "norms".

So they were often targeted for summary execution by the norms, and those mutants who were able and of a like mind energetically returned the favor.

Lord Kaa spilled forth a torrent of images that proved an even higher case, that there was no division between stickie and scalie, cannie and zombie, doomie and swampie, save what the norms had invented to keep them all apart.

Kaa, norms had only one purpose in the great scheme of things, and that was to bring Death-lands and its people into being.

How many norms actually survived a turn at the wheel, especially sec men?

And when they had reduced the luckless norms to ragged heaps of bone and muscle, they tossed the remains into the fire, too.

The crowd of norms in the parking lot started screaming and running in a panic for the lobby doors.

HAD HIS HAND clamped over his face, trying to staunch his nosebleed when cries from the crowd of norms below caught his attention-not cries of pleasure at his pain and suffering, but cries of terror.

When the head sec man reached the open fire door to the twenty-fourth floor, he immediately started herding the norms behind him inside.

I know that when I die, if my power dies with me, whatever I have built will fall apart That even if we rid Death lands of the norms who have enslaved and butchered us, the new people will have no future.

They snatched hold of two of the norms and dragged them around the corner, out of sight.

They had already ripped all the norms within reach to tiny shreds and were eager for the fresh meat they thought the car was bringing them.

Council considers this a reasonable arrangement, for the norms provide an important work force in the industries necessary to maintain the city as a contact point between Tir Tairngire and the rest of the world.

They had planned an escape from Yomi, laughing about how they would build a life away from the norms in the Yakkut, or Amazonia, or his native Ireland.

He had taught her that the hateful norms were proper prey for her kind, rab-bits to their wolves.

The musky odor was stronger here, tinged now with a rank smell from the norms and orks.