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n. (context slang chiefly in plural English) A woman's breast.


Nork or NORK may refer to:

Usage examples of "nork".

Indeed, so forcible and close is the correspondence between the course of the aspirant in his initiation dramatically dying, descending into Hades, rising again to life, and ascending into heaven with the apostolic presentation of the redemptive career of Christ, our great Forerunner, that some writers Nork, for instance have suggested that the latter was but the exoteric publication to all the world of what in the former was esoterically taught to the initiates alone.

Having been admitted to the California Bar Association by a sheer act of stubborn will, she has defended these contractual terms in the case of another employee, Casper Nork all the way to the United States Supreme Court, where the justices delivered a precedent-setting unanimous decision in her favor, thus requiring Nork to surrender his left ear to be used as Mrs.