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Usage examples of "norit".

He had seen how Hati had taken to Norit, to the soft-handed wife from Tarsa, and instructed her, until now Norit could mount and dismount and ride far better than he had ever thought.

Norit was surely a puzzle to Hati, and she had become a friend, of sorts.

Norit particularly chose him, he thought, but that Hati had formed a friendship.

Norit had become her lieutenant as Hati had become his, and took to that responsibility.

Norit spoke to no one but Hati at any length at all, but if Hati waved a hand, Norit carried this or that and if the baggage wanted moving, Norit moved it.

He did not know who was to blame, Hati or Norit, but the leg that lay across him was bare, and then one arrived from the other side, tangled with cloth.

Two women of the last tent, having suffered from rough men in their last camp, had armed themselves with knives and clung to Hati and Norit.

Malin flourished, better served than many a wife, and Norit and Maol and the other woman, Jurid, frowned daggers at her, but Hati shrugged and carried her own mat and hauled her own saddle with a wry and amused look.

Norit was shy, but cried out scandalously until Hati stopped her with her hand across her mouth, laughing, with embarrassed glances toward the nearby houses.

Norit had clenched her arms across her stomach and Hati had her hands braced before her mouth, gazing at nothing at all.

That next day, when they pitched the tent and lay down on their mats, Norit turned her back to both of them and lay apart.

He had no idea what he had won, or if he had won any relief for Norit—he had hoped if he could bring her back for an hour, Norit might have a chance, and he knew by what seethed in his own mind that she had less of a chance if Luz was always there.

In a moment more, Norit followed her, guard-led, with that calm, still face that told him Luz was entirely in the ascendant.

He had no idea now whether it was worse for Norit to be awake and to know what she might know, or whether during those times of Luz’s possession Norit simply took refuge somewhere Luz failed to bother her, and Norit only realized the nature of what had flowed through her once she waked… but whatever Norit saw that they failed to, it seemed terrible.

Had she preserved their lives as mindfully as she preserved Norit from harm, and had she directed them around the region of worst damage?