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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Norice \Nor"ice\, n. Nurse. [Obs.]


n. (obsolete form of nurse English)

Usage examples of "norice".

Thou seist also, that it displeseth me But if that thou wolt preyse my beautee, And but thou poure alwey upon my face, And clepe me `faire dame' in every place, And but thou make a feeste on thilke day That I was born, and make me fressh and gay, And but thou do to my norice honour, And to my chamberere withinne my bour, And to my fadres folk and hise allyes- Thus seistow, olde barel ful of lyes!

The ministre and the norice unto vices, Which that men clepe in Englissh ydelnesse, That porter of the gate is of delices, To eschue, and by hir contrarie hir oppresse, (That is to seyn by leveful bisynesse), Wel oghten we to doon al oure entente, Lest that the feend thurgh ydelnesse us shente.