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Norg is a small, very old village in the northeastern Netherlands. It is located in the municipality of Noordenveld, Drenthe. As of 1 January 2008, Norg had a population of 3737, in comparison to a population of 3840 on 1 January 2004.

Written records from the Middle Ages refer to a Nurch or Norch in the area. The oldest known remains of a settlement in the area date from 650-750 BC. The most important monument is the 13th century Romanesque church on the brink, which has a saddle-rooftower. Norg has five brinks. In Norg there are two windmills. One of these, Noordenveld, is a corn mill and was built in 1878. The other, De Hoop, is the only windmill in the Netherlands with Bilau sails.

Until 1 January 1998, Norg was an independent municipality. Since the municipal reclassification of the province Drenthe, Norg is a part of the Noordenveld municipality.

Norg (disambiguation)

Norg can mean:

  • Norg, a village in the Netherlands
  • NORG, a character from the video game Final Fantasy VIII
  • Norg, a character from the TV show Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive
  • A shortened form of "news organization" or news agency