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Nordkraft (Aalborg)

Nordkraft is a cultural centre in the Danish city of Aalborg. Opened in 2009, it is located in a former electricity generating station close to the waterfront in an area designated for cultural development. Neighbouring buildings include the Utzon Center and Musikkens Hus. Nordkraft is home to several cultural institutions including SkrÄen, a venue for jazz and rock concerts, Teater Nordkraft, the Biffen Art Cinema, the Kunsthal Nord art gallery and Dreamhouse, an innovative creation facility. It also has a multipurpose hall with seating for up to 1,500.

Nordkraft (film)

Nordkraft (also released as Angels in Fast Motion) is a 2005 Danish drama film, based on the book of the same title by Jakob Ejersbo and written and directed by Ole Christian Madsen, with Kathrine Windfeld as assistant director. The soundtrack includes the track "Rest" from the album All Things to All People.

Nordkraft (novel)

'Nordkraft ' is a 2002 Danish novel by Jakob Ejersbo. It is mainly set in Aalborg in the early 1990s and is about Maria (who is confused and unable to leave her drug-dealer boyfried Asger), Allan (who is trying to put his dubious past behind him) and Steso-Thomas. The three main characters find themselves in a dependent but enthusiastic dance with drugs as they constantly search for eternal intoxication. sold more than 100,000 copies, an unusually high sales figure on the book market in Denmark, The novel is inspired by the 1996 film Portland and was adapted for film itself in 2005.