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Norberto may refer to:

  • Norberto Alonso (born 1953), former Argentine football midfielder
  • Norberto Araujo (born 1978), Argentine football central defender
  • Norberto Aroldi (1932–1978), Argentine film actor and screenwriter
  • Norberto Barba (born 1963), American cinematographer and film director
  • Norberto Bobbio (1909–2004), Italian philosopher of law and political sciences and a historian of political thought
  • Norberto Bocchi (born 1961), Italian bridge player
  • Norberto Bravo (born 1970), professional boxer
  • Norberto Ceresole (1943–2003), Argentine sociologist and political scientist
  • Norberto Collado Abreu (1921–2008), the Cuban captain of the yacht which ferried Fidel Castro and 81 supporters to Cuba from Mexico in 1956
  • Norberto Costa Alegre (born 1951), former prime minister of São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Norberto Doroteo Méndez (1923–1998), former Argentine football striker
  • Norberto Esbrez (born 1966), Argentinian tango dancer, choreographer, and teacher
  • Norberto Fontana (born 1975), Argentine racing driver
  • Norberto Fuentes (born 1943), writer and journalist
  • Norberto Garrido (born 1972), former American football offensive lineman
  • Norberto González (born 1979), left-handed pitcher for the Cuban national baseball team
  • Norberto Höfling (1924–2005), Romanian footballer and coach
  • Norberto Huezo (born 1956), former soccer player from El Salvador
  • Norberto Doroteo Méndez (1923–1998), former Argentine football striker
  • Norberto Martin (born 1966), former Major League Baseball second baseman
  • Norberto Massoni (born 1935), Argentine Radical Civic Union politician
  • Norberto Mulenessa Maurito (born 1981), Angolan football forward
  • Norberto Oberburger (born 1960), Italian weightlifter
  • Norberto Odebrecht (born 1920), founded the Odebrecht Foundation in 1965
  • Norberto Paparatto (born 1984), Argentine footballer
  • Norberto Peluffo (born 1958), former Colombian football player and manager
  • Norberto Piñero (1858–1938), Argentine lawyer, writer and conservative politician
  • Norberto Raffo (1939–2008), Argentine football striker
  • Norberto Ramírez (died 1856), Nicaraguan lawyer and politician
  • Norberto Rivera Carrera (born 1942), Mexican Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Norberto Romuáldez (1875–1941), Philippine writer, politician, jurist and statesman
  • Norberto Scoponi, former Argentine football goalkeeper
  • Norberto Téllez (born 1972), retired Cuban runner
  • Norberto Yácono (1919–1985), Argentine football defender