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In Argentina, a ñoqui ( English: gnocchi) is a person who is legally registered as a worker, usually for the government, and receives a monthly wage, but who performs little or no work. Such individuals are called ñoquis because many Argentines traditionally eat gnocchi on the 29th day of every month, around the time when people receive their monthly paychecks.

People may hold ñoqui positions for several reasons. Some are the recipients of political favors, while others work to promote the government's agenda instead of performing their nominal duties. Still others are disabled or continue to receive paychecks by mistake, such as the dead, retired, or those who have moved on to other positions.

A 2015 study by KPMG estimated that 5 to 7 percent of Argentine public sector employees were ñoquis, which would be more than 200,000 individuals each receiving an average monthly salary of 8000 pesos.