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n. (context programming English) A no-op; a CPU instruction that does nothing. vb. (context programming English) To replace machine code with nop instructions when modifying software.


In computer science, a NOP or NOOP (short for No Operation) is an assembly language instruction, programming language statement, or computer protocol command that does nothing.

NOP (disambiguation)

NOP is an assembly language instruction etc. that effectively does nothing at all.

NOP or N.O.P. may also refer to:

  • New Orleans Pelicans, an NBA team
  • National Revival of Poland (Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski), a nationalistic Polish political party
  • National Organic Program, an American organic food certification program
  • New Orleans Protocol, a 2004 agreement among white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups
  • Nociceptin receptor, a neurotransmitter receptor in the opioid receptor family
  • Sinop Airport (NOP), an airport in Sinop, in the Black Sea Region of Turkey
  • North Point Station, a train station on the Hong Kong MTR Island Line

Usage examples of "nop".

I extend a general invitation to every biped, multiped, and noped that they could encroach on my privacy whenever the whim might strike their atrophied brainpans?