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Nootka may refer to:

  • Nuu-chah-nulth peoples
  • Nuu-chah-nulth language

Usage examples of "nootka".

She carried no extraordinary cargo - she had meant to fill up her hold with seals' skin down at Mas Afuera - but those Surprises, and there were several of them, who had been on the Nootka run and who had conversed with their prisoners, knew that in sea-otter skins and beaver alone the able seaman's share of the prize would be in the nature of ninety-three pieces of eight.

Tycho had explained he'd been speaking to a Duros trader, Lai Nootka, not Kirtan Loor.

There's no evidence Lai Nootka ever was on Coruscant, as nearly as we can tell.

And if that's true, I have to wonder about our inability to find Nootka or any record of his presence here on Coruscant.

The most complete Imperial record came from a planet named Garqi where Nootka and his crew had been imprisoned for several months on charges of smuggling for the Alliance.

She was less interested in the Alliance material than she was the Imperial records, but she did note that Nootka had not been off on missions for the Alliance at the time Tycho said he met with him on Coruscant.

Most Duros remained neutral concerning the Rebellion, but a few brave individuals like Lai Nootka dared trade with the Rebels.

Only in this did Lai Nootka appear to be different from the majority of his people, which made researching him much easier.

When none of the aliases she already had for him turned up an Imperial record, she tried inventing additional aliases, using the process she imagined Nootka himself had used to create his new identities.

Just four days before Tycho's meeting with Lai Nootka, a modified CorelliSpace Gymsnor-3 freighter named Novachild entered the Coruscant system.

Unless she could definitively place Nootka on Coruscant at that time, she couldn't prove Tycho was telling the truth.

I can put someone who ought to be him flying something that ought to be his ship here about the time Tycho said he met with Nootka, but I can't prove it.

If the person he was to meet was really Lai Nootka, the state's case against Tycho would fall apart faster than a Jawa-fixed droid.

The Duros Lai Nootka is not here and, unfortunately, is probably dead.

And even if we were not so well supplied, two of the ransomers were mates of their ship, the one a fur-trader on the Nootka run, the other a whaler.