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Noop (, like NOP) was a project from Google aiming to develop a new programming language. Noop attempts to blend the best features of "old" and "new" languages, while syntactically encouraging good programming practice. Noop is initially targeted to run on the Java Virtual Machine.

According to one of the project owners, "It's dead".

Noop (disambiguation)

Noop is a programming language from Google.

Noop may also refer to:

  • NOOP or NOP, a computer processor instruction
  • Noop scheduler, an I/O scheduler for the Linux kernel

Usage examples of "noop".

Blue Banks or to Noop or to Hermaness or any of the obvious places, where birds might be expected to make their first landfall.

He waved at Noop Fattier, whose wife had cut holes in his jerkin to accommodate the pseudolimbs growing from his chest and back.