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Etymology 1 pron. (nonstandard spelling of no one English) Etymology 2

n. (obsolete form of noon English)


Noone is a surname that may refer to:

  • Craig Noone (born 1987), English football midfielder
  • Jimmie Noone (1895–1944), American jazz clarinetist
  • Kathleen Noone (born 1945), American soap opera/television actress
  • Nora Jane Noone (born 1984), Irish film and television actress
  • Paul Noone (born 1981), English rugby league player
  • Peter Noone (born 1947), English musician

Usage examples of "noone".

The witness, identified as James Noone, quickly called for help on a cellular car phone.

In his statement, Noone said he had watched helplessly as a paramedic ambulance went screaming by to a location seven blocks away.

Another half minute went by before Noone returned to the frame to wait for help.

As the time went by, Noone swiveled his head back and forth, apparently fearing that the gunman, if not in the car he had seen speeding away, might still be around.

There were two follow-up interviews with James Noone at the Star Center.

He would certainly miss his chance at Noone and he would lose the momentum that was the only other thing he had going for him in this investigation.

Winston said she was in favor of reinterviewing Noone under hypnotic conditions.

There was no one left in the department who could hypnotize Noone, meaning that they would have to go to an outside hypnotherapist.

He was excited by the prospect of digging a solid lead out of the mind of James Noone and accomplishing something that would drive the case forward.

He knew the video camera was set up on the other side of the glass, so he needed to keep Noone in a position facing it.

He opened the panel and began removing the long light tubes, handing them down to Noone and engaging him in small talk, hoping to make the witness feel comfortable with him.

When Noone had finished recounting the event, McCaleb nodded to Winston, who then leaned toward Noone and handed him the six-pack file.

McCaleb said quickly before Winston could say something that Noone might interpret as a negative.

McCaleb went on to muscle exercises, telling Noone to crunch his toes together as hard as possible, hold them that way and then release.

He then told Noone to enter his room and that the most comfortable chair in the world was waiting for him there.