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Nookicky is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in 2001 by Tomo Furukawa(Full) after the split of previous band, guniw tools. Zull and Dinah joined soon after that and they played various lives, including one in Hong Kong. Zull left the band in 2003 and joined The Candy Spooky Theater and Monaural Curve and was replaced by U (also in Kharn). Support member Fuumi also joined in 2003 and played with Nookicky for a few months.

After numerous releases and live shows in Japan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Nepal and the US, Dinah left the band in 2005 in order to concentrate on her solo project. She is now in the band Sound Dope. Currently Nookicky consists of Full on vocals and U on guitar. The band is now on hiatus, with U in the band Kharn and Full concentrating on his solo project Shilfee and Tulipcorobockles.

Even though Nookicky is based on the same influences, it is not an extension of Guniw Tools in any way. Dark songs were typical for Nookicky in the beginning, but because the band went through a lot of changes, the style became a little lighter. Inspiration for their music comes from countries like India and Nepal and is very noticeable in their music. Nookicky certainly has a refreshing electro sound based on FULL’s wonderful imagination.