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n. (context dialectal English) grandmother

  1. Nonna is the Italian word for grandmother.
  2. Nonna is a rare Russian feminine name. There are two versions of its origins.
    • A variant of Latin feminine name Nona (lit. "ninth").
    • A diminutive form of "Noyabrina." Noyabrina and similar name Oktyabrina . The two new Soviet names refer to November and October, and the Russian October Revolution, which is traditionally dated to 25 October 1917 Old Style Julian calendar (O.S.), which corresponds with 7 November 1917 New Style (N.S.) Gregorian calendar.

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Usage examples of "nonna".

The only person Glomer knew, a serving lass named Nonna, came mincing down to visit her family, the potters who lived across and down by the coppersmiths, about twice a month.

La sera stessa andai nel capanno degli attrezzi di mia nonna e vi trovai altro denaro.