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Etymology 1 a. 1 (context mathematics English) Describing a polynomial that has 9 as the highest exponent of its terms. 2 (context algebraic geometry English) Describing a curve the equation of which is nonic. Etymology 2

a. Describing a type of beer glass used in British public houses; in the form of a truncated cone with a bulge around outside, just below the rim.

Usage examples of "nonic".

It gave her gentle face the look that the peeping Nonic took to be its habitual arrogance.

What had taken place that afternoon that had caused Roderick to come straight here and write her surname beside her petit non Nonic so gay, so in time For all time!

Margaret had a sudden recollection of Nonic sitting in her porch, her golden head bent over masses of wool, and about her shoulders a charming green shawl!