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n. 1 The Polynesian fruit tree ''Morinda citrifolia''. 2 The fruit of ''Morinda citrifolia'', or a juice made from this fruit that is supposed to have healthful qualities

Noni (disambiguation)

Noni may refer to:

  • Noni, a tree in the family Rubiaceae, or its fruit
  • Noone language, also called Noni or Nooni, a Bantu language

Usage examples of "noni".

Teusi asked in an undervoice as Noni assessed the third and fourth victims.

It had been why the Brotherhood, urged on by Noni, had sought him out.

Father Jyarti, then Head Priest, and Noni had helped him to come to terms with his early years.

Leohl, the village elder, as she escorted Noni to the room where the makeshift beds lay.

The repercussions of his illicit leave of absence had seen him incarcerated for several weeks before he was allowed to visit Noni again to see her.

Like a dog who chooses to annoy the only asthmatic in the room, Noni had settled her attentions on the one person who was least fond of children.

My aunt Noni had had a best friend who got poliomyelitis when they were nine, just after WWI, about the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt had gotten his.

Then Aunt Noni gave me some of my weekly allowance that my parents mailed to her in installments.

Aunt Noni was already there, her purple Kaiser parked by the front door.

Aunt Noni waved at the window, then I saw a blur in the mirror and a shape and I waved and waved and jumped up and down with an enthusiasm I did not feel.

Aunt Noni was the only person I knew in Alabama who drank only one cup of coffee in the morning, and then drank only tea, iced or hot, the rest of the day.

Aunt Noni gave me some of my weekly allowance that my parents mailed to her in installments.

My sister Noni and her children are coming, and my mother hopes Annas will be there, too.

But he stared at crowds pressed against the railings of the deck, hoping for a glimpse of Noni, but he could not find her tiny figure.

Berkshire paid for all the extra staff, phone lines and follow-up on all the leads, just as Noni had promised.