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Nonda \Non"da\, n. (Bot.) The edible plumlike fruit of the Australian tree, Parinarium Nonda.


n. ''Parinari nonda'', a shrub or small tree of northern Australia and New Guinea, with edible plum-like fruit.


NONDA (born Epaminondas Papadopoulos in Athens on October 11, 1922; died October 30, 2005) was a leading Greek artist of the school of Paris. He was one of the handful of Greek artists who received scholarships from the French government to attend the Ecole De Beaux Arts in the late 40's. He was represented primarily by the Galerie Charpentier in the 50's and early 60's and was well known for his outdoor installations under the Pont Neuf Bridge in 1960's Paris as well as his unconventional use of cow's blood as a medium. His work is often associated with large scale figurative and abstract expressionist canvases, and monumental sculpture in post-war Paris.

Nonda (disambiguation)

Nonda may refer to:

  • Shabani Nonda, football player
  • Nonda, Greek expressionist artist

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