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The Collaborative International Dictionary

noncom \noncom\ n. A noncommissioned officer; a military officer appointed from enlisted personnel.


n. A non-commissioned officer, such as a sergeant (army) or petty officer (navy).


n. a military officer appointed from enlisted personnel [syn: noncommissioned officer]

Usage examples of "noncom".

The leisurely lectures in the Dayroom and the practical work of field- and detail-stripping and assembling the various pieces on the chilly porches with the sound of rain outside were things he liked, and since they were conducted by a single officer or noncom for the Company as a whole, they gave him respite from the vengeful eye of Old Ike Galovitch who seemed bent on protecting the honour of the Great God Holmes, ever since he first found out that Prew had refused to fight.

He knocked on the steel door happily loudly, seeing it all in his mind suddenly, how it would be then, some sturdy 403 Li little permanent post that drowsed along from day to day, like Jefferson Barracks or Fort Riley, with solid brick barracks and new-cut grass and well kept walks under the long afternoon shadows of big old oak trees that had been standing in the same place since before George Armstrong Custer had his hair cut by the Sioux, that would be the kind of place to re-enlist for, where the NCO quarters were brick too and not this jerrybuilt ship lathe they have here, and where you can take her right into a community and a little society that the married noncoms made and maintained for themselves alone.

The procession stopped before the cathedral, and a picked honor guard of senior Navy and Marine noncoms marched down the steps in perfect, metronome unison, timed by the endless, grieving taps of the drum.

One of them turned out to be a sergeant first class by the name of Monroney, a noncom Malachi had known back in the States when he was going through basic.

Trailed by his bugler, the squadron colors and a couple of supernumerary junior noncoms, Gaib was leading his charger, which appeared on the verge of throwing a shoe, toward a still-unpacked traveling forge, his lips moving in curses at well-bred bumpkins who carried their feelings ill balanced on their armguards and gave not one damn for his military rank, rendering him what little deference they did only because he was heir to a Kindred vahrohnos.

A mindspoken warning from one of the lancer noncoms caused him to glance back the way they had come yesterday, at the body of mounted men now approaching, a bedraggled-looking lot from what he could see of them.

Except in combat, they would argue with noncoms, officers, captains, and any grade of nobility, deferring only to those few who had earned respect.

One of the mercenary noncoms claimed that they stood atop the ruins of one of the Cities of the Gods.

When what was left of their Black Horse compatriots came straggling back to the capital, Demetriosin the grip of one of the screaming, tooth-gnashing fits, which had possessed him since childhood whenever he was thwarted or disappointedordered the common troopers killed and the surviving noncoms thrown into his dungeon to await his pleasure.

When two more weeks went by without even a token payment, the entire squadron packed, armed, mounted, and after freeing the Black Horse noncoms, rode out of Kehnooryos Atheenahs unopposed.

Klahrk and his noncoms redoubled their efforts, for the more depth the formation possessed, the better their chances were of stopping the horsemen.

Manos ordered the noncom from his presence and sulked and brooded for three days.

The average noncom at Lands Command was likely to be a tech with at least four years of academic training, and many of the troopers here worked at the deepmost Command and Control Center, several stories beneath the club.

The acknowledged leaders of the noncoms, on paper and in fact, were the 1st sergeants, William Evans, James Diel, Carwood Lipton, and Floyd Talbert.

She didn't consider for long—the Marines didn't exactly pick ditherers as the senior noncoms of The Empress' Own—but there was always enough time to screw up, so there had to be enough to make the right move, as well.