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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nonce \Nonce\ (n[o^]ns), n. [For the nonce, OE. for the nones, a corruption of for then ones, where n. in then is a relic of AS. m in [eth]am, dat. of the article and demonstrative pronoun, E. the. See For, Once, and The.] The one or single occasion; the present call or purpose; -- chiefly used in the phrase

for the nonce, i. e. for the present time.

The miller was a stout carl for the nones.

And that he calls for drink, I 'll have prepared him A chalice for the nonce.

Nonce word, ``a word apparently employed only for the nonce''.
--Murray (New English Dict.).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

abstracted from phrase for þe naness (c.1200) "for a special occasion, for a particular purpose," itself a misdivision (see N for other examples) of for þan anes "for the once," in reference to a particular occasion or purpose, the þan being from Middle English dative definite article þam (see the). The phrase used from early 14c. as an empty filler in metrical composition. As an adjective from 1884.


Etymology 1 a. denoting something occurring once. n. 1 The one or single occasion; the present reason or purpose (now only in ''for the nonce''). 2 (context lexicography English) A nonce word. Etymology 2

n. 1 (context British slang pejorative English) A sex offender, ''especially'' of children; a paedophile. 2 (context British slang English) A stupid or worthless person. Etymology 3

n. (context cryptography English) A value constructed so as to be unique to a particular message in a stream, in order to prevent replay attacks.


n. the present occasion; "for the nonce" [syn: time being]


Nonce may refer to:

  • Cryptographic nonce, a number or bit string used only once, in security engineering
  • Nonce (slang), a British and Australian slang term for a sex offender, usually a sexual abuser of children
  • Nonce word, a word used to meet a need that is not expected to recur
  • The Nonce, American rap duo
  • Nonce orders, an architectural term
Nonce (slang)

In the United Kingdom, nonce is a slang word for a pariah within a community of prisoners, typically a sex offender, child sexual abuser or one who has turned state's evidence.

Usage examples of "nonce".

Personally I enjoy a siesta around this time, and I can testify to the fact that those who doze in the Nonce do not conjure ordinary dreams.

Let us put on and suffer for the nonce The feverish fleshings of Humanity, And join the pale debaters here convened.

There, on the nonce, the forenamed Baden prince Was joined to Stephanie Beauharnais, her Who stands as daughter to the man we wait, Some say as more.

SPIRIT IRONIC Yea, the dull peoples and the Dynasts both, Those counter-castes not oft adjustable, Interests antagonistic, proud and poor, Have for the nonce been bonded by a wish To overthrow thee.

For the nonce, the cool gusts of midnight suited her, cooled the fevered sweat of wine gone cruel and reminded her the world was a place of the senses and not only of the mind.

For the nonce, Master Mohamad had placed a rough wooden support of boards and sawhorses under her body and partially slacked the ropes of the rack.

They got into the car pretty much not caring for the nonce a whit about Zombies.

She had enough problems of her own for the nonce, without conjecturing about his.

Count Jean, who for the nonce was in alliance with the Constable De Richemont, was meditating something against him.

I suggest we leave this pocket and meet here annually for the nonce on or about this date.

He was suspended, for the nonce, by a block and tackle, and being swung backward and forward, gave such loud and clear testimony to his own merits, that the auctioneer had no need to say a word.

For the nonce I am Nisbet the quarryman, with far too many columns to raise and far too much work on order.

I recalled, before there was any actual fatality, the National Astral Spellcraft Administration had grown smart for the nonce and consulted the local Indians.

Hill on the Island, in with the nonces and the gas-meter bandits, the slag!

If Georgio can get a weapon, he can quite happily do all the nonces over.